Circular of the First National Conference on Neuroscience Research in Bangladesh

Organized By the Neuroscience Research Center of Dhaka University (NRCDU)
Date:April 15, 2017
Venue: Nabab Nawab Ali Senate Hall of Dhaka University, Senate Bhaban, Dhaka University, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Theme: Prospect and Potentialities of Neuroscience Research in Bangladesh
Background and Objectives
Now-a-days the neurosciences are very important and potential research fields of biological sciences. The scientists of many countries of the world are focusing their researches on the various aspects of the development and maturation of the neurons and the mechanism of various neuronal functions involving the various tissues of the brains, their new proteins, various neurotransmitter-mediating enzymes, and their molecular biology and also on the various complex brain diseases and on their drug-actions. It is true that many of our people are suffering from various brain diseases, like Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, Wilson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, mannic depreesive illness, epilepsy, peripheral- and diabetic- neuropathy, moto neuron disease, etc. But the treatment scope is very limited to the diseases are still incurable due to the lack of proper drugs. These many factors may lead to conclude that there is huge prospect and potentialities of neuroscience research in Bangladesh involving the great human health and welfare.
The main objectives of the conferences are as follows:
a) To get current status and knowledge of neuroscience research in home and abroad
b) To establish and to promote the research coordination, interaction and collaboration among the medical-colleges, universities, institutions, neuro-pharmaceuticals and drug industries specially in the country and also in abroad
c) To exchange views in different issues and problems of neuroscience research with the neuroscientists and medical doctors in home and abroad
d) To recommend practical ways and means to facilitate research activities in neuroscience and to bring to the notice of country’s policy makers, pharmaceutical industrialists and donor agencies to the need of high level research in neurosciences for the better health of the people suffering from various nervous and brain diseases.
Scope and Topics
There will be Plenary and Invited Lectures as well as Oral Presentation at the Technical Sessions. Time for Oral presentations will be 15 minutes. The following topics of neurosciences will be covered in the Technical Sessions.
1. Structures and Functions of Neurons and Neuroglia
2. Nerve Impulse Conduction and Transmission
3. Neurotransmitters and Neurotransmitters-Mediating Enzymes: Assay Methods, Purifications, Characterizations and Neurochemical and Molecular Biology and Genetic Aspects

4. Neuropeptides

5. Screening of Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh to isolate, purify and characterize the neuro active compounds from these plants.

6. Various psychotropic drugs which affect mood and behavior, anesthetic, sedative, hypotonic, nercotic, anticonvulsants, analgesics and a variety of drugs that affect the autonomic nervous systems. Various aspects of brain diseases and treatment
7. Axon Guidance Molecules and Roles in Neurodegenerative Disease
8. Foods and Nutrients Effects on Brains.
English will be the official language of the Conference.
Call for Abstract
You are cordially invited to attend the Conference and submit Abstract for Oral presentations to the Organizing Secretary or to the Member Secretary of the Conference. The Abstract Forms and Instructions for the submission of papers is available at the website of the Neuroscience Research Center of Dhaka University (address:

There will be arrangements for accommodation of foreign participants, if any, in some moderate price hotels in the city. The accommodation arrangements are not possible for the local participants. However, only in some special cases, arrangements can be made for some local participants if requests are made well in advance.
Format for Abstract
Author Information:
Narendra Tuteja1, Khalilur Rahman1*, Renu Tuteja1 and Arturo Falaschi1
1International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Area Science Park, Padriciano 99, I-34012 Trieste, Italy
Abstract Body:
Using a strand –displacement assay with 32P labeled oligonucleotide annealed to M13 ssDNA
We have purified to apparent homogeneity and characterized a novel DNA unwinding enzyme from HeLa cell nucei, human DNA helicase V (HDH V). This is present in extremely low abundance in the cells and has the highest turnover rate among …..Continue

Title: Mixed case, no punctuation at end. Example-
Human DNA helicase V, a novel DNA unwinding enzyme from HeLa cells

Author Information: In proper author order with all institutional information included. *Marked Author should be presenting author and will receive confirmation and acceptance notice.

Abstract Body:
Maimum 300 word count, not including abstract title or author information.
**Charts or graphics of any kind may not be included in abstract submission. **